Equestrian Application Guideline

To apply to the St Peter's Equestrian Academy at St Peter's School, you will need to download and complete a Equestrian Academy Form and a St Peter's School Application Form.

Please note that students do not automatically get into the Equestrian Programme - there is a selection process whereby students are interviewed to ascertain their suitability to join the programme. For more information please read the Equestrian Handbook 2015

Submit both of the above forms with a copy of the applicant's latest detailed School Report to:
The Enrolments Officer
St Peter's School 
Private Bag 884
Cambridge 3450
New Zealand
If you are an International Student (ie. not a New Zealand Resident) you will need to fill out the St Peter's School International Application Form.  Please see the International Department for further information on International Students at St Peter's School.


For more information relating to the St Peter's Equestrian Academy, please contact:

Kay Hogan
Director of Equestrian
T:  +64 7827 9899 ext 729