Keeping your horse on-site or off-site
Having lessons with the school's or student's own coach

Requirements for students keeping their horse off-site
Each student must either complete a brief diary each term or provide competition results. These must be given to the Director of Equestrian each month.

Riders without horses
May organise lessons at a local Riding School.

Equine Studies
Self-directed study of equine unit standards.

For further information on these options, please contact the School

All Students Please Note:

You must make yourself available for and attend any school trials for the Inter-Secondary Schools’ Dressage, Show Jumping, Show Hunter and Horse Trials teams if requested.

Inter-school team events are outside the equestrian programme. Students and parents will be required to assist in the setting up and running of the events hosted by St Peter’s. Entry fees, transport and uniform hire may apply.

Students may not join Equestrian as a sport if they are simply riding at home unless they are involved in the Equine Studies programme.

Equestrian is only offered in Terms 1, 2 and 4
Term 3 requires special exemption  
The Equine Studies programme continues in all 4 terms