Programme Selection

Students will be selected on the following criteria:

Satisfactory records of previous achievements

All students must follow the directions of the Equestrian staff and carry out all the necessary procedures to ensure the health and well being of their horse while it is at St Peter’s.

Development and Performance
Students must take full responsibility for the welfare, health, feeding, exercise and training of their horse or pony. Priority for on-site grazing will be given to riders on the High Performance and Development Programmes. Development and Performance students are expected to stay in the majority of weekends to ride and care for their horse, unless out competing.

All students must be interested in improving their riding performance. This may not necessarily always involve active competition riding, however, it would encompass goal setting, monitoring of progress and goal achievement.

Demonstrated Ability
All students must demonstrate a responsible attitude and be prepared to attend all scheduled coaching and riding sessions, and carry out team duties as required. All students must be able to ride well enough to safely exercise their horse or pony unsupervised. A CV and assessment may be required.


  • All students must be available for school teams selection if required. Please advise us at the time of application if your child is not going to be able to fulfil this criteria as it may affect their eligibility
  • All students in the Equestrian Academy are under the supervision of the Director of Equestrian and must comply with all the required directives regarding standards of safety, dress code, horse care, riding & behaviour
  • Correct riding uniform must be worn- navy Phys Ed polo shirt with red collar. On weekends a plain coloured House polo shirt is acceptable
  • Students must attend meetings as required where information about coming events, teams etc will be given out